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What if your destiny isn’t just about you?

What if your destiny isn’t just about you? On her 16th birthday, Jeneva receives a unique gift.

Future books you can look forward to reading

Upon completion of Face of Duplicity, George and Faye are going to write their own individual novels.

George has an idea for a new take on an old western gunslinger.

Faye’s novel will be about a Manx that will do anything to protect her owner.

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Upcoming Book

Coming in 2022 – The journey continues with our protagonist encountering the life-threatening dangers lurking in the water surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, and wildfires down under. Her life has been filled with fear, sorrow, discovery, and the unexpected, on her journey to find an energy source that will save the world. 

Don‘t judge a book by its cover because People may not always be who you perceive them to be.

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The Authors

Faye and George Chamberlain live in a log home on a 30-acre country property north of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Faye enjoys being outdoors in the warm summer months gardening and tending to flowers around their property. Reading, writing, sewing, crafts and scrapbooking are some of her other passions. 

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