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Faye and George Chamberlain live in a log home on a 30-acre country property north of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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Indie authors Faye and George Chamberlain have been married for 47 long and happy years. Five years ago, they began their co-writing journey. Being together from dust til dawn brainstorming, came with its challenges which they overcame by recognizing and utilizing each other’s strengths. This just might be the secret to their successful marriage.

Faye enjoys various types of music and has a binder full of lyrics she wrote as a hobby. She belongs to a Creative Writing Group where she receives and shares valuable knowledge with other authors. Although she spends many hours doing various book-related tasks, time is always set aside to visit family and friends, read and travel.

As a young boy, George spent hours floating on his homemade raft, where his vivid imagination took him to far-off places that he transformed into his own adventure and western stories. He revels in the opportunity to bring humor into a story. Long walks seem to get his creative juices flowing usually concluding with him at his computer for hours writing.

Together, Faye and George published an inspirational mystical thriller, Connections Past, book 1 of Jeneva’s Journey. Readers said this book influenced and inspired them to make positive changes in their lives and they couldn’t wait for book 2. The Chamberlains are pleased to announce, Face of Duplicity, book 2 is now available.

Their successful co-writing experience and the characters in their books inspired them to share their prosperity by donating to the Big Brother/Big Sister organization and Autism Dog Services.

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