Connections Past

One small act of kindness can make a difference.

Connections Past

Could Acts of Kindness Make the World a Better Place?

Connections Past is a very thought-provoking story about life-changing experiences, unique discoveries, kindness, and mystical visions. It is well written with colorful descriptions and intriguing plot lines that arouse curiosity, compelling you to keep reading.

Inspirational Mystic Thriller

As he stepped off the elevator, the dreaded words reverberated through his body like a shock wave, “CODE BLUE, ICU!”

Takoda lost the love of his life that day, leaving him alone to raise his newborn daughter, Jeneva.

26 years later, she still endeavors to decrypt the connection between the three symbols on the bracelet her mother had predicted would lead her to her destiny. After a chance meeting, the improbable alliance of an archeologist and an astronomer join Jeneva on the seemingly impossible quest into unknown realms.

Tragedies, life-threatening events and an obsessed colleague attempt to ambush her journey, but Jeneva remains determined to fulfill her mother’s prophecy.

While searching for a lost child in Ecuador, they discover a hidden cavern in the Hummingbird Pyramid. What they find in the cold dark tomb both terrifies and inspires them. They create an extraordinary worldwide challenge, rewarding the winner with a surreal experience which everyone has wished for at least once in their life.

The final three contestants’ stories reflect the willpower, determination, and perseverance it takes to succeed in the face of imminent danger, overwhelming obstacles, and personal loss.

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Note from the Authors

Four years ago, our initial inspiration to write a book came from these four statements:
One Small Act of Kindness can make a big difference.
Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.
The sum of our sameness is greater than the totality of our differences.
From the beloved Alex Trebek, “We are trying to build a kinder, gentler society. If we all pitch in a little, we can get there.”
We wanted to bring these messages to readers in a way that was entertaining but also inspire them to feel good about making changes in their lives and those around them. This was a constant intent throughout the whole story.
Although it was a challenging task, we enjoyed working together, brainstorming for hours, compromising, and analyzing every plot line until we were both satisfied that we had accomplished what we had set out to do.