Face of Duplicity

Don’t judge a book by its cover. People may not always be who you perceive them to be.

Face of Duplicity

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover; People May Not Always Be Who You Perceive Them to Be.

 Face of Duplicity is a roller coaster ride with compelling plot lines that twist and turn, keeping you hanging on to the end. A fascinating story of how passion for a cause can blind you to the dangers hidden in plain sight.

Psychological Thriller

Jeneva and Maddy stand helplessly at the railing. They can see Dexter swimming alongside a woman, pulling an injured man towards the boat. Blood is pooling all around them.

Our adventurous characters battle the life-threatening dangers lurking in the perilous water surrounding the Great Barrier Reef and the raging wildfires engulfing the rainforest in Australia.

Their lives are once again turned upside down when an adversary from their past returns in disguise. He will go to extreme lengths to do away with his nemesis, once and for all. When his plan is disrupted by a one-eyed assailant that has been hunting him, he is forced to improvise.

Oblivious to the sinister scheme evolving, Jeneva and her research partner, an autistic genius, continue searching for the new energy source the world so desperately needs. Can she endure the fear and heartbreak that plague her every step of the journey to find her destiny?

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Note from the Authors

We hope our readers enjoyed Connections Past, Book 1 of Jeneva’s Journey Series.

In Book 2, Face of Duplicity, Jeneva continues her journey to find the new clean energy source the world so desperately needs. Our inspiration for this story is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover … People may not be who you perceive them to be.” This psychological thriller will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, so hang on and enjoy the journey.